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An underground tank locate is a physical search of a property to determine if an underground heating oil tank is present or may have previously existed on the property.  The search is conducted by an underground locating technician, and includes a physical search of the property using both visual means and magnetic locating equipment.  In addition, a tank search includes a search of available state and local property records relating to underground heating oil tanks.​

Underground tank searches have become a popular inspection for home buyers because of the high cost associated with decommissioning an underground tank and cleaning up contaminated soil at a tank site where oil leakage has occurred.  If no underground tank is located, home buyers will have peace of mind with that knowledge.  If there is an underground tank that is no longer in use, or is leaking, the home buyer can negotiate with the seller to pay for the tank decommissioning and cleanup.

APEX uses advanced scanning equipment to discover, if one is present on the property, the precise location of an underground heating oil tank.

buried oil tank.jpeg
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