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A sewer scope is an inspection of the sewer line.  The inspection is conducted by a sewer scope technician, and is performed by inserting a mini camera and transmitter into the sewer line clean-out and observing and recording the condition of the sewer pipe from the house to the city main.  The pipe is visually inspected for such defects as cracks, root intrusion, pipe separation, pooling water, and a broken or collapsed line.​

Because the cost to repair or replace a sewer line is expensive, sewer scope inspections have become very popular in recent years for home buyers.  If no defects are detected with the sewer line, home buyers gain peace of mind knowing that.  If there are defects, the home buyer can use the results of the sewer scope to negotiate with the seller to pay for potentially costly repairs.

APEX uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to accurately inspect sewer lines.  After the completion of the sewer scope our customers receive a narrated video of the scope and a inspection report that very same day.

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