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Scott and Vicki founded APEX in 1996, and have owned and operated the company since.  They enjoy walking, hiking, bicycling, reading, playing games, attending OSU football games, the theater, and visiting the Oregon coast and central Oregon.  Scott and Vicki have been happily married since 1992.  They are the proud parents of two grown sons, a grown daughter and two adorable grandchildren.

Scott and Vicki Farnes

Home Inspectors/Sewer Scope Tech's:

APEX has three licensed, Oregon Certified Home Inspectors. Our inspectors are also licensed by the state of Oregon to perform structural Pest and Dry Rot Inspections.

Steve joined APEX in 2015.  He became an Oregon Certified Home Inspector in 2001, and between 2000 and 2014 he worked as a residential contractor and home inspector.  Steve enjoys going to estate sales, collecting antiques, working on old cars, riding his motorcycle, working in his yard, and is looking forward to owning his own sailboat in the near future.  Steve has a son whom he is very proud of.

Steve Bailey, OCHI #1813

Don joined APEX in 2014. He worked in the construction industry between 2001 and 2013.  In 2013 he received an Associate Degree in Construction Management, and in 2014 became an Oregon Certified Home Inspector.  Don enjoys anything that involves the outdoors, including hunting.  He also enjoys spending time in the gym practicing jiu jitsu  and mixed martial arts.  Don is the proud father of an amazing daughter.

Don Bain, OCHI #1707

Josh joined APEX in 2011.  He worked in the environmental consulting and construction industry between 2001 and 2011.  In 2016 he became an Oregon Certified Home Inspector.  Josh enjoys the outdoors, adrenaline sports, working on his truck and his house, and loves kites.  He has a loving family, a wonderful daughter, three dogs and a friendly lizard.  His life is busy, but he loves it.

Joshua Keyser, OCHI #1879

Environmental Inspector:

Greg joined APEX in 2016.  He began doing sewer scopes in 2013 during a one-year internship.  In 2014 he received his Sewer Scope certification, Underground Storage Tank Tester certification, and Radon & Radon Decay Product Measurement certification.  Greg chose the environmental inspection field because he enjoys the search and discovery process.

Greg Bailey

Radon Technicians:

Jenny joined APEX in 2013.  She loves spending time with her family and friends.  Jenny has a "wild" and "busy" family, and she enjoys every minute of their craziness.  Her family includes four boys, two dogs and her "hubby", whom she has been married to for 24 years.  Jenny loves watching her boys play basketball and baseball, and watching scary movies.

Jenny MacClanathan

Steve joined APEX in 2018.  He is very interested in weather, space exploration and science.  Steve's likes include car racing, motocross and off-road racing, and his hobbies include fishing, hunting, mountain biking, RC cars and off-roading.  Steve is the proud father of a daughter.

Steve Brown

Office Staff:

APEX is committed to providing excellent customer service that is responsive, friendly and professional.

Suzy joined APEX in 2004.  She is blessed with her husband of 44 years, two grown children and identical twin grandsons.  Suzy enjoys keeping busy and, when not at work, you can usually find her at Jazzercise or walking her Frenchton dog, Stella.

Suzy Hansen

Jennifer joined APEX in 2013.  She began her career at APEX working as a Radon Technician.  In 2018 she moved to the front office and became an Office Specialist.  Jennifer enjoys having the opportunity each day of working with various real estate agents and clients while assisting with their inspection needs.

Jennifer Polzel

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